Have your say on City of York Council’s budget

Council Leader on “meet the people” Tour. Budget consultation starts

City of York Council is asking residents and businesses to share their views on the council’s next budget, following the launch of the budget consultation this month.

Early in the New Year, councillors will have to set a budget for the next financial year (2021/22). The impact of the pandemic has been unprecedented and despite the Government’s promise to give councils everything they need, York faces a significant budget gap of over £15 million, an issue that has been compounded by successive years of Government funding cuts.

Whilst the council has continued to provide support for those who need it since the start of the pandemic, the full economic effects of coronavirus on our communities have not yet been fully felt.  Therefore, the council’s initial focus for the 2021/22 budget is to stabilise the authority’s financial position, allowing the council to continue to deliver the services which have been so relied upon during this difficult year.

The council will also continue its £600m capital investment programme to accelerate economic recovery, whilst continuing to support local residents, businesses and communities.

This year, there are a number of different ways to get involved and have your say on the council’s next budget:

  • Complete the paper survey in Your Local Link, which is being distributed to all York households from 15 December. Please send this back to the FREEPOST address provided by Sunday 31 January.
  • Complete the online survey which closes on Sunday 31 January on our website
  • Join us for a live Facebook Q&A on 6 January at 5pm on Facebook
  • Attend our virtual decision making sessions: 12 January 2021 – 10am, 2pm and 5.30pm 13 January 2021 – 10am and 2pm

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