York Council coalition majority down to one

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Cllr Taylor

The LibDem/Green coalition which currently runs the York Council has had its majority reduced to one, following the resignation from the Green Party of controversial Councillor Dave Taylor.

Cllr Taylor, a former Lord Mayor, attracted a lot of criticism following disparaging comments that he made about football icon Jack Charlton.

Cllr Tayler has circulated a letter giving the reasons for his departure from the Green Party.

Before I resign from the Green Party I would like to pay tribute to Andy D’Agorne who has been my friend and mentor as a Councillor in Fishergate. I hope he will, at least, remain my friend as we continue to serve the residents of Fishergate.

However, I have decided to leave the Green Party after its miserable and disappointing decision to suspend me over the Charlton comment. Might I suggest that the next time you see a friend being given a kicking by a bunch of football hooligans that you give them your aid rather than cravenly join in with the thugs giving them a kicking.

But political parties are not our friends… any more than are our employers. A lesson has been learned.

I would like to thank the members who contacted me with messages of support, and those critical of the party’s decision to suspend me. That meant a lot to me, but there are some other relationships within York Green Party which are now irretrievably broken and so I must tender my resignation. I bid the party farewell and offer you all my best wishes in pursuing environmental and social justice.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Taylor
Councillor for Fishergate

It is understood that Cllr Taylor will continue to represent the Fishergate ward as an Independent for the remainder of his term of office.

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