York Public Health Director quits

New housing chief also backs out of taking up York job

The Director of Health, Housing and Adult Social Care at the York Council has quit.

Now Councillors are scrambling around trying to make interim appointments to fill key vacancies just as the “second wave” of Covid 19 gains strength in the City.

They will discuss the issue at a meeting taking place next week

It seems likely responsibilities in the department will be carved up as interim Directors are appointed from within the existing office ranks.

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The situation has been exacerbated by the actions of a Hull based official who had been offered the job of Assistant Director Housing and Community Safety.

The previous post holder left the Authority in February 2020.

The appointee had been due to join the York Council on 7th September but has backed out.

Now an interim appointment is to be made from within the Councils existing staff pool. The post will report to a new (delightfully opaquely styled) Director of “Place”.

The role is principally concerned with Council house management.

The department has been criticised for its ponderous reaction to several issues including the increasing length of time taken to let empty homes.

Several housing reports – due to be presented for decision over the last 6 months – have been mysteriously shelved. There has been no explanation and the original decision dates (long passed) have not been updated on the Councils forward plan. .

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