Coronavirus York updates; 13th September 2020

Deaths and test results

UPDATE: Some information on the number of contacts being traced in York. Contact percentage is higher than in neighbouring Leeds.

CategoryTotalTotal reached% reached 
People transferred to contact tracing system12210183
Non-complex close contacts identified23715867

SEVENTEEN additional positive test results announced today. Cumulative total now 1041. No additional deaths.

Trend up is sustained but not yet as unfavourable as was seen in May

No further hospital deaths

Spike in cases in following neighbourhoods

  • Heworth North/Stockton on Forest
  • Osbaldwick
  • Tang Hall
  • Westfield/Chapelfields./ Foxwood

Neighbourhood stats

There has been some interst in how the COVID cases are distributed around the City.

The information made available (click) is published using what are called Middle Super Output Area (MSOA) boundaries which have a population of around 7000. The MSOA were an invention of the last census and are different from Ward boundaries. They are shown on a map at

If there is a “spike” of 3 cases this represents only a very small proportion of the population and could be accounted for by the results of the tests on a single family.

Unfortunately the local Public Health Officers don’t publish information giving more detail of the cases and what – if anything – links them.

0 = between 0 and 2

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