Groves traffic scheme update

Lord Mayors Walk was busy at lunchtime today as was Clarence Street. But traffic was moving.
Debris from York’s inner city riot (planter damaged by counter revolutionaries!) has been removed. A damaged road closed sign can be seen in Lowther Street
Concrete blocks have been installed on Penleys Grove Street
…and on St Johns Crescent. (Rather ugly?)
NB. The planters were supplied, on a commercial basis, by the disabled persons cooperative.
Meanwhile LEGO has been deployed at the junction of Eldon Street and Lowther Street
Contraflow cycle lane on Markham Street. In effect there is no room for a cyclist to pass a van coming in the opposite direction. Street is heavily parked up so avoidance is very difficult. Really quite an unsafe arrangement.
Haxby Road end of Markham Street. No warning about contraflow cyclists. Dead end sign no more true of this street than several others nearby.
Misleading sign on Lowther Street. Should read “no through road”. Shops and businesses are open
…and a superfluous sign on St John Road.? Hasn’t been a through route for some years.

2 thoughts on “Groves traffic scheme update

  1. Michael Davison says:

    Inner City Riot, a road sign and planter damaged, that’s the same as saying that York was hit by a tornado when one house lost a ridge tile, trust Steve Galloway to go for hyperbole- had there been a riot, how many police were sent, did they use just York’s officers or call upon West Yorkshire and the ARV as support, how many arrests were made. Please do not call vandalism a riot.

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