York visitor numbers increasing

The latest footfall camera figures for central York confirm that visitor numbers are steadily increasing.

By the third week in August they had reached over 80% of the figures seen during the equivalent period last year.

The figures for the bank holiday are not yet available but it did appear to be busy in the City last weekend.

Comparisons of numbers for the weekends in the earlier part of the month suggest a slower recovery. This may be due to more people visiting the City during the week as they make the most of the school holidays.

The difficulties in arranging foreign holidays may also have given the City a boost.

Weekend footfall

There is still some way to go to achieve pre COVID numbers with some traders still suffering from the lack of office workers in the City centre.

Still the resurgence – which is born out by the numbers using the City’s car parks – is probably stronger and quicker than many might have predicted.

NB. Figures from some footfall cameras are unreliable and have been excluded for this analysis.

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