What’s on in York: Bicycle security marking event

The many residents who have bought a bicycle during the last few months of lock-down, have their first opportunity to have it security marked on Friday 4th September.

The North Yorkshire police will be visiting the Foxwood Community centre car park between 9:30am and 11:30am at teh invitation of the Foxwood Residnts Association.

There will also be a plant sale while volunteers will be continuing their regular Friday morning distribution of surplus food.

More problems with parking in central York

Little used cycle lane at Marygate car park (4:00pm 17th August 202o)

The popular shoppers car park in Marygate was even more popular yesterday (Sunday) as faulty ticket machines were allowing free parking.

It is not the first time that drivers have found the exit barriers permanently raised.

The car park was full at lunchtime and was still 80% occupied at 4:00pm.

Driver must have been tempted to move the bollards which still block 40 spaces as part of an ill considered scheme to provide more room for cyclists. The few cyclists who were in the area used either the shared use footpath or the car park service road.

It does make residents wonder how long ill judged schemes like these have to continue before the Council reverts to a more considered alternative?

It is clear that, at the moment, most visitors are opting to use personal, rather than public, transport. If the City centre economy is to be sustained, then the Council will have to recognise that reality, at least until a COVID-19 vaccine is rolled out.