Most often knocked over traffic bollard? Fastest growing thistles?

Is this the most frequently damaged mini roundabout keep left sign. Located at the junction of Askham Lane and Ridgeway, no sooner is it repaired and another large vehicle – or careless driver- knocks it over again. York Council needs to come up with a better solution.
Thistles are now partly blocking the cycle path at Knapton. Not sure whether this is on the York Council weed killing programme? It should be. It would be a shame to lose this, increasingly well used, cycle link to Rufforth for lack of maintenance.
It would be a shame if the York Council was to be allowed to continue to neglect the Front Street area. More must be invested in improving maintenance standards. However, there are now new opportunities for regeneration. The Councils decision to (effectively) evict disabled drivers (blue badge holders) from the City centre could prompt the reopening of Front Street, for this category of motorists, on at least a couple of days each week. They would then be free to park nearer the shops (disabled parking spaces are currently limited). Cyclists would also benefit. “Social distancing” is made easier because of the shop forecourts. Add in some music/entertainment, street stalls and a high profile marketing campaign and the area could soon be buzzing again. .

One thought on “Most often knocked over traffic bollard? Fastest growing thistles?

  1. Roger Pierce says:


    Blue badge holders pose a real dilemma. The parking inside the city centre is not a great problem; it’s the movement of the vehicles through narrow streets like Goodramgate particularly where they pass parked vehicles. The absence of physical barriers means other vehicles can also drive through – deliveries, empty taxis, and what look like wealthy businesspeople drivings expensive cars. Therefore, I think that exclusion is better but proving parking spaces for blue badge holders is exclusively provided in St Andrewgate, Deangate, Duncombe Place and Piccadilly.


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