Council confirms Lord Mayor will continue in office for another year.

No news on position of Sheriff

The Council has issued a statement saying that the current Lord Mayor Janet Looker will continue in office for an additional year. There was no consultation on the proposal which was made at a “behind closed doors” meeting.

The statement reads,

Lord Mayoralty to be extended due to Coronavirus

For the first time in over 80 years The Lord Mayor of York, Cllr Janet Looker and her consort, will stay in office for an extended term.

Following the unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic, group leaders, The Lord Mayor, and Cllr Chris Cullwick (who was due to become the Lord Mayor this month), have agreed that Cllr Looker will continue as Lord Mayor for another year.

The Government’s emergency legislation for local authorities removed the requirement to hold Annual Council this year, meaning the next Annual Council will be held in 2021

There has been no announcement on the position of Sheriff of the City. The position has been shared by two individuals during the last 12 months.

The vast majority of the events normally attended by the Civic Party were suspended at the beginning of March. It is unclear when they will recommence although it is not thought likely that many will take place before the autumn.

The current Lord Mayor is understood to be observing strict social distancing conventions and has had a low profile in recent months.

NB. It is the first time since 1933-35, when Herbert Edward Harrowell was Lord Mayor, that a Lord Mayor will serve a term of two years. Since WWII, only one Lord Mayor has served over a continuous 12 months when the date of Mayor making was changed from November to May, Therefore the Mayor inaugurated in November 1945 stayed in office until May 1947.

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