Car park size reduced

The Council, has decided to remove 100 car parking spaces from the Marygate car park. The spaces are those located near to the railway line.

The Council says that, by removing this row of parked cars, pedestrians and cyclists will be able to “social distance” more easily.

That may be so but there are other “pinch points” on this route not least the relatively narrow tunnel under the railway line which links to Bootham Terrace.

What is surprising about this and other ideas aimed at countering virus risks is that it has taken the authority as long as 10 weeks to bring them forward.

It then makes a unheralded announcement without any consultation.

The car park is likely to become progressively busier as shoppers and workers return to the beleaguered City centre.

The lack of an holistic plan to sustain the local economy is becoming a real worry for some businesses.

Coronavirus York updates; 22nd May 2020

New charges at Crematorium

The Council has agreed to change the fees that they charge at the crematorium. A report says, “

“The current full charge for cremations with a service is £895 – this charge was the 2019/20 charge frozen for 2020/21.

The charge was in place up to the closure of the chapels to mourners.

A decision was approved on 17th April 2020 for the ‘no service, cremation only’ fee of £550 to be used for the funerals where services were to be conducted outside the Crematorium.

Given that the reopening of the chapels comes with stricter constraints around social distancing and with shorter services of 20 minutes rather than 25 minutes, it is proposed that a lower than full price fee is approved.

This recommended price is £720 which is halfway between the two existing charges and reflects that the running of the services require additional staff and cleaning resources than a no service or outside service funeral


There have been no further deaths reported at local hospitals. The total death toll for York and Scarborough therefore remains at 196.

Invasive weeds on the march again

We hoped that we had seen the last of the damaging weed growth that threatened to wreck footpath and forecourt surfaces  last summer.  

The Council’s weed control programme failed last year but there are hopes that things will be better this year.

We were advised that a first application of weed killer to paths and gutters  took place in April.

Recent damp but warm weather has encouraged plant growth and the inevitable appearance of weeds. There seems to be little evidence in some streets and back lanes of “die back” from the application.

However weed control operatives have been seen in various parts of the City so it may be too early to draw conclusions.

One worrying trend has been the reappearance of  tough weeds like “Horses/Mares Tail”. There have been sightings of this pervasive and destructive weed in several locations including Windsor Garth, Green Lane, Kir Crescent and Marston Avenue. In each case damage is being caused to footpath or road surfaces. This is likely to be expensive to repair.

There is a proprietary “diamond” weed killer which eliminates weeds like this as well as nettles and thistles. It is not clear whether the Council has specified the use of this product in problem areas.

If it hasn’t then it needs  to get a move on with applying the chemical quickly to avoid further damage and expense.

Kir Crescent
Little Green Lane garage area
Weeds growing on back lanes
Another problem location near Sandown Close

Waste collection update

The Council are struggling to catch up wiht householdwaste, reccyling and green bin emptying in various aprts of the City. Thye workede on into teh eveing yesterday and promise to continue into Satuirday if necessasry. Their latest update says,

“Latest waste service update
Thursday 21 May

We were unable to collect household waste from Old Orchard, Cherry Tree Lane, and Holly Tree Lane in Haxby due to a vehicle breakdown

This household waste will be collected on Friday 22 May. Please present your containers for collection by 7.00am.

We were unable to collect recycling from a number of areas due to operational restrictions to do with Covid-19.

  • Strensall
  • New Earswick
  • Haxby
  • Wigginton

This recycling waste will be collected on Friday 22 May. Please present your containers for collection by 7.00am.

We were unable to collect garden waste from a number of areas due to the large amount to be collected and capacity issues.

  • Strensall
  • New Earswick
  • Haxby
  • Wigginton

This garden waste will be collected on Friday 22 May. Please present your containers for collection by 7.00am.

We were able to return and collect missed waste from Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 May”.

“Cut your hedge”, say York Council

The Council has tweeted today asking people to ensure that any boundary hedges are trimmed back from public roads and paths. They say this will help with “social distancing”.

The Council is right to do so.

Many people will have time to undertake the chore during the bank holiday weekend.

The Council also rightly asks hedge owners to be careful not to disturb any birds which may be nesting in the hedge.

Hedges overgrowing back lanes are a particular issue in some areas

Meanwhile there has been rapid grass growth this week with several verges and amenity areas becoming overgrown. We have reported several.

Some cul de sacs are in need of a “deep clean”
Weed growth in Holgate Beck could affect drainage flows during periods of heavy rain