5G masts in York

Applications are starting to come in for new mobile phone masts in parts of York. They will support the new 5G network that is being rolled out.

We understand that many will involve the upgrade of existing equipment.

Only one case has so far been referred to the planning committee. It concerns a proposed mast to be located in Naburn Lane.

The application seeks permission for the replacement of an existing 11.7m high monopole telecommunications mast with a 20m high tower and associated cabinets.

The site is in the Green Belt. Officials are recommending approval at a meeting next week.

The application does, however, raise the broader issue of how many new masts may be required in the York area and crucially how high they might be.

Last year the government threatened to remove Councils powers to vet applications. They hoped that this would speed up the process of rolling out the new network

While the new masts could be twice as high as those provided for 4G coverage, the main impact is likely to be on rural areas.

At present little information has been made available to York residents. All we have are national  background briefings.

A BBC article last year reacted to forecasts of hundreds of new masts being required.

We think that the Council should tell residents what to expect, where and when as the 5G revolution gathers pace

13 thoughts on “5G masts in York

  1. Mark stothard says:

    Our councils should be rejecting all these applications for new mast including using street lamps to fit 5G transmitters. There are known health risks and the 5G frequencies are at levels that can damage cells. All the discussion I have seen is about how much faster mobile internet will be whilst totally ignoring the health implications. We are being blindly led into a very dangerous situation for the human popoulation.

  2. Jessica says:

    The health implications on the people from this technology that is being rolled out with zero testing are vast.
    We don’t need faster internet. It’s time we started asking some very serious question. Why is 5G considered a necessity when other human beings are unable to see their family because it makes them
    A threat to other people’s lives?! It’s okay for all the workers to be out there erecting masts because that is seen as a necessity during a global lockdown?! Come on.
    I do not consent!!! It’s a massive health risk and I can already personally feel in the last few days a restriction of breath. I’m someone that meditates and does yoga every day and even I can feel it. There are thousands of photos all over the Internet of dead trees next to 5G lamps.
    The radiation causes a lack of oxygen to the lungs and blood.

  3. Elle says:

    Internet coverage is more than fast enough here in York. Not only this but we have just had ultra fibre optic installed in all our streets so we do not need 5g as already can get fast broadband if we choose. There are eyesore ,headache and nausea inducing 4g emf towers everywhere I walk even around my small residental area. Residents need to be given explicit notice of 5g masts going up, so we can express our views. If people’s rights in this regard are not upheld I fear civil disobedience, as has been seen elsewhere.

    • KM says:

      No ultrafast broadband on St Leonard’s place and no plans to install! Some people are trying to work and earn a living in these low capacity areas of the city.
      5g? Bring it on!

  4. Dave says:

    Jesus Christ the idiots commenting “The radiation causes a lack of oxygen to the lungs and blood.”

    O2 absorbs RF, not the other way around. The studies they’re “researching” are well above their comprehension levels, and the “scientists” that are criticising 5g have PHD’s in literature and classical music. It’s crazy how many people think they’re woke but actually below average in intelligence.

  5. Mark Moriarty says:

    I see some think it is helpful to simply make rude, closed-minded generalisations about concerns raised by many. Anyone who has done a little independent research will know unequivocally that of course we don’t need faster broadband! This is obviously a way of avoiding explaining the real reason for them pushing 5G so damn hard and trying to crush and denounce all criticisms. I am totally against 5G for many rational reasons. 1) It will not improve the wellbeing of humanity but will negatively impact the quality of life of the human population. It opens up the door for mass micro surveillance of the populace because it has the capacity to hold all the info on indivuals for the Internet Of Things/the Smart Grid which is the super-nerd, psychopathic technocrat’s wet dream, an Orwellian nightmare disguised in the guise of natural progress. A world where we become increasingly integrated with technology until we cannot survive without it. We will be enslaved and dehumanised by it, quite literally. That is the direction we are being coerced in at rapid speed. It is backed by Trillions of dollars by silicon valley elites. Elon Musk’s StarLink and NeuroLink projects are part of this new Technocracy being pushed by these Billionaire’s who do not seem to have any wisdom behind their ambitious schemes 2) It’s capability is that of a military weapon, so there is a potential threat there. Can we trust governments to safeguard the people she is supposed to represent. No of course not. That is already illustrated by the way criticism of 5G is censored by OffCom and the way the government is using the pandemic to throw up 5G towers and technology. Are they key workers during lockdown? No they’re not! 3) Harmful radiation levels which are proven by legal cases in the US and numerous testimonies of people suffering dizziness, memory loss, headaches, nausea, shortness of breath, raised temperature. 4) The disgusting eyesore factor of these new towers. Some are even being hidden inside fake trees! This is a desecration of the environment. If climate change is a real thing then where are the studies researching the impact of 5G radiation on climate change. 5) We, the people deserve to be treated with a great deal more respect by elected governments who are supposed to protect her people from psychopathic control freaks with an anti-human agenda. 5G is unnecessary. There needs to be much more open uncoerced, unbiased mature sober discussion about why 5G is being railroaded upon us globally. Like the pandemic declared by Tedros Adhanom, it is a most disingenuous political and financially motivated phenomenon that attacks the freedoms of the human individual and profits a very small network of self-interested elites.

    • Joe says:

      WHO has determined it to be safe and after much testing, it causes little effects to the human body. 5G is hardly different to 4G, it’s not going to give loads of people cancer; the radio waves aren’t as intense as sunlight, yet you will still go for a walk in direct sunlight? You go for an x-ray when you break a bone and are exposed to MUCH higher levels, but you’ll still do it.

      • Andrew Flynn says:

        Good to see there are people like Joe on the Internet talking based on scientific fact and not fantasy / fiction.

        Radio waves have been around for years. They are not new and they are not harmful to Human life.

        If you don’t understand Radio waves please go educate yourself like Joe rather than spouting nonsense from the Internet.

  6. David Stuart says:

    When trains were first invented, people thought their heads would fall off due to travelling at such high speeds.

    I would really like a 5G internet hub for my home. ASAP please.

    • Simon says:

      Here here! The patchy rollout of high-speed across Wigginton has missed me. With everyone working from home 5g is a necessity.

  7. Adam says:

    5G is here to stay because it is part of the unstoppable tide of advanced technology that will offer numerous benefits for business as well as for individual freedom and initiatives. Eves dropping on individuals has been already in full fledge use for decades and lack of 5G will not Critically hinder it. Health hazards are no different to 4G but can be confirmed by experts . 5G is already in operation in more than 30 cities in UK, so why does York insist on rolling the horse and buggy still

  8. Peter says:

    Switzerland has banned 5G and putting the concerns of its peoples’ health over profits. Brussels has also banned it until in depth research has been done. Rome and some other European countries have also said it will not go ahead at present, if at all. How people can have their heads in the sand about the dangers of 5G on the human cellular system is beyond comprehension. People are not doing their research, are obsessed with loading down a film a few seconds faster than they could normally and all the other rubbish that they are told they will get if they buy 5G connections. Utter ignorance and madness.

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