Too slow York Council

Disappointing to see the York Council failing to get to grips with some straight forward issues. Maybe the lack of a Chief Executive is beginning to have any effect.

The Yokr Council needs to become a “can do” authority again and quickly.

We pointed out yesterday that there had been unnecessary delays in implementing this years Housing Estate Improvement programme.

We now find similar delays in addressing problems with graffiti removal, cutting back over grown trees and removing nettles from open spaces.

Regarding the tree, which is damaging the fence and path on Balfour Street, the Council says that it has other more pressing issues for its tree teams to attend to. They just need to appoint a contractor to remove the tree and plant a replacement (further away from the path). It would take less than 1/2 day to sort out using modern equipment.
Graffiti reported on 24th October still hasn’t been removed
Nettles, obstructing access to the poop scoop bin on little Hob Moor, are still there despite being reported for attention on 30th September.
Leaf fall like this on Foxwood Lane is an increasing problem. The Council should publish regular update reports indicating how well their clearance programme is progressing.

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