Local Plan inquiry dates set. Askham Bog appeal imminent

A planning appeal into the York Council’s refusal to allow a development near Askham Bog will start on 12th November.

Askham Bog in autumn

The potential developers (Barwood Land) refused to wait for the results of the public hearing into the York Local Plan (which protects the area near Moor Lane in Dringhouses from development). Instead they have pressed ahead with their planning application.

The Local Plan Inspectors are now preparing for the first stage of hearings, which will address legal compliance including the Duty to Co-operate, Housing Need and Green Belt. Provisional dates have been agreed with the Inspectors for these initial hearings to be held on selected days over a two week period, commencing on Monday 9 December 2019 at York Racecourse.

 The Inspectors will shortly be issuing the Council with their Matters, Issues and Questions (MIQs) which will be published on the examination library (link above) along with the Council’s response to these questions. The Inspectors will also produce a hearing timetable giving more detail on the hearing sessions including the schedule for each day.

 Representors (all those who commented on the Plan during the Regulation 19 Publication consultation and the Proposed Modifications Consultation) will be given the required formal notice (6 weeks) when the dates and venue have been finalised.

We will also update the examination library with these dates and will issue a press release with details of the dates and venue and where to find more information.

One thought on “Local Plan inquiry dates set. Askham Bog appeal imminent

  1. Dr Laurence Sutton says:

    Of all the greenbelt/agri land around York that could be built on why choose land next to a very sensitive area??
    They say they have assessed all the potential risks and provided <solutions, but what if the solutions fail, then too late?!!
    How do they know that they have covered all the risks? There may well be risks that have not been thought of, and then it will be too late.
    So valuable and sensitive is this special site that to eliminate so far unknown risks is the way forward and that can only be achieved by not building any where near the place.
    It is a major test of the governments resolve to protect the environment .

    Another thought : Housing estate next to reserve equals youth on bikes and motorbikes having fun in the reserve. This happens all over the country.

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