More missed bins

Council needs to “come clean” about the extent of its resourcing problems

Another day and another raft of missed bin collections.

Mostly the failures are down to inadequate staffing, unreliable vehicles and full lorries.

Yet the Council has so far failed to say when replacement vehicles will arrive in the city.

…and there is a growing suspicion that other services are being depleted in a desperate attempt to plug the gaps in the waste collection service. One estate still has litter strewn around from collections which took place weeks ago.

No post recycling litter pick today (or for some time)
Many litter bins are overflowing

One thought on “More missed bins

  1. Stephen Blackburn says:

    I think it’s time senior management came clean and admitted they don’t know how to solve this ridiculous situation.Its been going on for months if not longer?Surely it’s time to start looking at outsourcing Waste Services,can it be any worse if it is? They talk about putting new technology on the vehicles costing thousands of pounds,why? They can’t get anyone to drive them!!

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