York Council advertises for graffiti removers

Some signs today that the York Council has finally woken up to the decline in street environment standards. Two new staff will be employed to remove graffiti form public areas. The cost will be over £40,000.

This is “failure cost” of course.

Taxpayers will be annoyed that they are having to fund a reaction to an unlawful activity. There has been precious little evidence that any attempt has been made to identify, prosecute and seek compensation from those responsible.

Nevertheless, we cannot tolerate graffiti, which blights the environment so it is a positive move by the Council.

Hopefully we will soon also see effective action now to deal with other issues like weed blight, over grown hedges/trees and litter.

Litter problems in sub urban areas – and particularly Council estates – are getting worse. A combination of poor management and cuts to staffing levels have created a “perfect storm”.

Residents Associations, who have raised concerns about the situation on our Council estates, have received no response from those responsible.

If action is not taken quickly then formal complaints about the insensitivity of some officials and Councillors will not doubt, follow.

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