York Mental Health report being considered next week

A report York’s Mental Health Partnership work covering the period May 2018 to August 2019 will be considered by a Council meeting on Wednesday.

The York  joint health and wellbeing strategy for 2017-22 identifies four principal themes to be addressed. One of these themes is mental health and wellbeing with the key priority for that theme being ‘to get better at spotting the early signs of mental ill health and intervening early’.

Other aims in the joint health and wellbeing strategy in relation to mental health are: Ø

  • Focus on recovery and rehabilitation Ø
  • Improve services for young mothers, children and young people
  • Ensure that York becomes a Suicide Safer city
  • Ensure that York is both a mental health and dementia-friendly environment  
  • Improve the services for those with learning disabilities (to be addressed in its own strategy)

The report can be read by clicking this link

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