Not just west York suffering from neglect

Residents from the Huntington and Heworth areas have added their voices to the criticisms of the Council’s performance in keeping local streets clean and tidy. Although, like Woodthorpe on the west of the City, some streets in Huntington appear to have been well swept, they are outnumbered by those where even basic weed clearance has not taken place this summer.

One again it is the main entry roads into the City which are most neglected. It presents a poor image for visitors

Weeds block gutters and paths on Malton Road
Paved area on Huntington Road near Bell Farm has not been sprayed
Weeds engulfing street furniture on Jockey Lane
A blocked gully on Heworth Green. These need to be cleared before wetter weather arrives with winter.
Long term build up of detritus around traffic island build outs on Malton Road

One thought on “Not just west York suffering from neglect

  1. Malcolm Saggers says:

    What a shower we have running things at the council they should be ASHAMED of THEMSELVES for allowing this beautiful city to be NEGLECTED in this way!! Maybe it is time that LOCAL AREAS TOOK MORE CONTROL ANND BUDGETS to deal with the issues on a MORE LOCAL FOOTING!! It is totally disgusting that all the money ends up going towards CITY CENTRE VANITY PROJECTS while other areas are left with little to no care and attention at ALL!!

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