Rufforth off road cycle track opens

Link to A1237 incorporates bridleway friendly gates.

Gate design allows horses to step through without opening gate.

The long awaited off road cycle track link from Rufforth to the northern by pass has opened. The route finishes opposite the entrance to Main Street Knapton.

The path offers a relatively quiet link for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

The route was not entirely uncontroversial with some fearing that it might be misused by motorcyclists.

There was also a concern that cyclists would find it hazardous to cross the busy A1237 although this would have been an issue at other possible locations.

NB. One parent, on reaching the cycle path this afternoon, explained to his young son that the dip in the middle of the gate was to allow access for large animals. His son replied, “Large animals? Like horses, elephants and dinosaurs?” An unexpected new hazard for residents of Knapton perhaps!

One thought on “Rufforth off road cycle track opens

  1. Mike says:

    So grateful for.this project being completed. After being forced to cycle across the very busy bypass with my children ( which was extremely worrying) this new element provides a safe, scenic and peasant access to the main cycle route.

    Thank you ever so much!! I spoke to two families walking along the route, both of which loved the new access.

    I note that where the route begins in Knapton, it still says private road (although you can see the cycle route). Is the sign going to be changed??

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