Recycling facilities under pressure in York following festive break

Long queue today to get into Hazel Court recycling centre

1/4 mile long queues developed on the route into the Hazel Court recycling centre earlier today.

The post Christmas rush also resulted in  the paper banks at Acomb Car park overflowing. There is space in the adjacent bottle banks.

Fly tipping has steadily increased today. The issue has been taken up by Cllr Andrew Waller

We think that the Council needs to do more – perhaps using social media channels – to tell residents where there is spare recycling  bank capacity and when  the full banks in other locations will be emptied.

Fly tipping at Acomb Car park


One thought on “Recycling facilities under pressure in York following festive break

  1. Malcolm says:

    Looks like more waste disposal and Recycling centres should be made available but of course most of the ones we had have been closed due to funding!!! But fly tipping has gone UP! I think City Of York Council should be deciding whether more needs to be done and extra provisions provided in the community so that people can dispose of rubbish items etc and recycle responsibly.

    What happened TO OUR SKIPS in the area??? Was that another Conservative Council Cutback? and then they have the CHEEK TO INCREASE COUNCIL TAX EACH YEAR! maybe they should use it for everyone and not just the CITY CENTRE!

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