2 thoughts on “More issues reported to York Council – problems with dumping, faded white lines and broken glass

  1. Malcolm says:

    With all the talk regarding fly tipping what happened to the SKIPS that we used to get in our local areas and also Beckfield Lane Tip? There was hardly any fly tipping when those were in place as there was a local tip and regular skips that allowed people to get rid of any no longer required junk without dumping it is the street.

    Hopefully you will ask the Council to re-instate the skips as I assume their is no way to re-open Beckfield Lane Tip?

    • The Beckfield Lane site closed in 2013. The intention had been to replace it with a salvage, reuse and recycling centre located near Harewood Whin (off Wetherby Road). When Labour took control of the Council in 2011 they scrapped plans for a replacement. The Beckfield Lane site has now been built on.
      The present coalition run Council opposed continuation of the skip service (wrongly in my view). Residents can ask them to restore the service at the Ward meeting which is taking place tomorrow 17th at the Gateway Centre on Front Street starting at 6:30pm. Alternatively email your local Councillors.

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