Council asks if Low Poppleton Lane spy cameras should remain?


Residents and businesses are being encouraged to feedback their comments on the experimental Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) which was put in place on Low Poppleton Lane earlier in the year.

So claims the York Council.

However, they are being very coy about some of the facts behind the restriction. You must work quite hard to find out how many fines have been issued for contraventions of the bus lane.

It turns out to be around 30 per day. 

We find that surprising for a suburban location. Almost as surprising as the 8000+ tickets issued to drivers in Coppergate since cameras were reintroduced there (see below)

We hope that the Council will publish details indicating what proportion of the offenders are local.

The Council – if it is to persist with ANPR camera enforcement – could useful do a survey of drivers who have been fined.

The signage may meet the legal minimum requirements. Whether the signs are understood by all may be worth probing?

Either way we still think that a warning letter should be issued to offenders before fines are levied.

There also remains the problem of the use of the bus lane by powered two wheelers.

We were assured that the dangers of diverting moped users on to the nearby northern by pass (A1237) were understood and had expected that a waiver allowing them to use the bus lane would be in place by now.

But no action has been taken and the official advice remains to “push” the motorcycle along the adjacent cycle path.

A council media release says “Enforcement commenced in April using a CCTV ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) system on the bus lane, which replaced the rising bollard system on Low Poppleton Lane. The ANPR system issues motorists who breach the restrictions with a Penalty Charge Notice

The aim of this was to help increase pedestrian and cycle safety by encouraging people to comply with the traffic restriction and ensuring the smooth operation of the bus timetable that serves the nearby area.

As the Experimental TRO has been in place for more than six months, a decision can be taken on whether to make the TRO permanent or whether to make any changes to the arrangements.

The decision is due to be made at a public decision session by the Executive Member for Transport and Planning on 25 October.  The deadline for all comments or objections to be made is by midnight on Friday 12 October.

Comments can be sent to or residents can hand deliver or post their views to: Low Poppleton Lane Trial, Parking Services, Second Floor, West Offices, York, YO1 6GA

All comments and feedback will be taken into consideration at an upcoming decision session on the 25 October. A decision will then be made on whether to make the restriction permanent”.

4 thoughts on “Council asks if Low Poppleton Lane spy cameras should remain?

  1. Roger Pierce says:

    I think that the problem with Coppergate and elsewhere in the UK is that the restricted access sign is counter intuitive and that drivers are committed to the route before the hours are readily legible. Other restrictions like No Right Turn have a bar through the centre. Perhaps when we leave the EU we can adopt a more intuitive sign

  2. Robert says:

    Bit of a Venus flytrap here for those who are visiting York and surrounding area.
    Caught last week after staying the night at a local motor home and caravan park, very confusing given sat nav gives no warning of this experimental bus lane but council is keen to fine people who visit the area.
    Please can some decisions be made because it all seems up in the air, we have a large motor home with an over cab so any marking needs to be way up front due to viewing angle and need for corrective action in drive direction is paramount.
    Very poorly thought out for non local people and even council seems uncertain about issues with this system, great though that people who wish to holiday in this area are tangled up and fined is this the same for local residents.

  3. Jeremy says:

    These camera’s got me on a nice Sunday afternoon, my lad had played a football game at Poppleton and I was heading into York, thought this route was the natural route to take rather than clogging up the A59.Had no idea they were there.Just cynical money making.Almost a toll road.Should be signs further up the road warning drivers this is a bus lane.Guess that’s life now in the UK, being caught out by one authority or another a big brother society.

  4. Alan King says:

    I am 60years old with a clean licence and was fined on 15th May 2019 during a visit to York races travelling alone, using my sat nav! I was astounded to receive a fine through the post days later. Had no idea what I’d actually done in all innocence ….and still can’t find the location on the map where I contravined the local law, so as to avoid it in future. Spoilt my day and decided I won’t risk further visits again as I could definitely be subject to being ‘randomly’ fined again.

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