New Water End bridge will cost £20 million

York Central

Councillors are set to invest £20 million in a new access bridge linking Water Lane to the new York Central development.

Part of the cost involves mitigation of the effect that the new road will have on the “Millennium Green”.  Ironically the green was previously owned by the Council.

The work has to be finished by March 2021 to satisfy criteria laid down by the Leeds based West Yorkshire Transport Fund. Work is expected to start in the spring of 2019

There is likely to be wide-scale disruption to traffic using Water End. With several other major schemes also set to start on the north and west of the City, including the northern by pass roundabout upgrades, the potential for major transport disruption exists.

If the York Central scheme fails to go ahead, – some financing bids are still outstanding – the liability for taxpayers already stands at £5.7 million.

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