Residents urged to report local blocked gullies and drains

The deluge that engulfed the City yesterday evening produced surface water flooding problems in many areas.

The Council says it is working hard to remedy problems. It asks residents to report issues to or call the customer centre on 01904 551550.

These are couple that we reported yesterday.

Tudor Road

Gale Lane


2 thoughts on “Residents urged to report local blocked gullies and drains

  1. Malcolm says:

    TalkTalks cable programme has left many gullies / road side grates submerged below road surface so they can’t take the water away maybe if CYC got off their backsides and checked they would know where they are and remedy the issues and the flooding might not occur. Most of the City’s drainage could do with cleaning yet they wait until residents report or we get a deluge of rain and flooding before doing anything!

    There is a road side grate at the junction of Thorsby Road that due to vans and Talktalk heavy equipment has caused the grate to sink below the surface of the road.

    • Malcolm says:

      There are others that have been noticed to in Chaloners Road Area that have been damaged or have sunk into the ground that need repairs

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