York Council consults on Wigginton Road improvements

City of York Council is asking residents and businesses for their views on proposals to improve key junctions on Wigginton Road (near York Hospital).

Plans include rebuilding the junction between Haxby Road, Wigginton Road and Clarence Street and replacing the existing mini-roundabout between Wigginton Road and Fountayne Street with a new junction.

This will help to:

  • reduce journey times for traffic, particularly buses, on Wigginton Road
  • improve pavements and crossings – and create larger pedestrian islands at the Haxby Road/ Wigginton Road/ Clarence Street junction
  • replace the traffic signals at the Haxby Road, Wigginton Road,  Clarence Street junction.

To submit feedback on the proposals email buses@york.gov.uk or post responses to Julian Ridge, Better Bus Area Manager, City of York Council, West Offices, York, YO1 6GA –  by Sunday 2 September 2018.

Further information about the proposals, including plans, can be found at www.itravelyork.info (apparently) . Or, view the FAQs below.

What will the changes mean for pedestrians?

The existing small islands will be replaced with larger traffic islands at the Wigginton Road/ Haxby Road junction, making this easier for pedestrians to use.

Replacing the mini-roundabout at Fountayne Street with a junction will make it safer for pedestrians to cross and for vehicles to turn off Wigginton Road.

The existing pedestrian island near the junction with Fountayne Street will remain in place.

What will the changes mean for people with impaired mobility?

The larger traffic islands will make it easier for people with impaired mobility to cross the road.

What will the changes mean for cyclists?

Existing cycle lanes will remain in place, so there is a continuation of the cycle lanes, but advanced stop lines and a feeder lane will be created at the Wigginton Road/ Haxby Road/ Clarence Street junction.

Proposals will remove the mini-roundabout near Fountayne Street, which will reduce  the amount of time buses spend waiting, remove obstructions on the highway and improve visibility for cyclists.

The signals controlling the cycle only path onto Wigginton Road, adjacent to the southern edge of the hospital site, would continue under this scheme.

Will there be a bus lane on Haxby Road or Wigginton Road?

No, a bus lane is not necessary to deliver this scheme.

Will there be an impact on the trees on Wigginton Road and Haxby Road?

No, the scheme imposes no impact on the trees.

How is the scheme funded?

The scheme is funded through York’s Better Bus Area – a programme of measures which improve the reliability of bus services in the city.

What will the scheme cost?

It is currently estimated that the scheme will cost around £200,000 to implement.

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