Rose Theatre shoots up but chaotic scenes at Castle car park

Contractors are making good progress in erecting the “Rose Theatre” in the Castle car park. It is due to open in a few weeks’ time.

Rose Theatre 10th June 2018

Sadly, all is not well with car parking in the area. What is left of the adjacent Castle car park was “rammed” before lunchtime today.

No “alternative parking” direction signs were in place. Space may be available at both the Piccadilly multi story car park and St Georges Field but neither are sign posted.

Car parking space availability signs still not working

The Council has been heavily criticised for failing to repair the parking space signs which are located on the arterial roads leading into the City. They failed about 4 years ago and, despite promises that they would be reactivated once the City’s gigabyte broadband network was working, we seem to be no closer to restoring a system which worked well in the last decade.

Nor has the web-based system been upgraded.

Anyone visiting the web site will be told all the spaces at each car park are apparently available.

In reality, the site hasn’t been updated for several years.

When performances start at the Rose Theatre things are likely to get worse.

On line web site information hopelessly out of date

Advanced signage is essential if more and more cars are not to circle the City centre seeking somewhere to park. They would potentially add to congestion and pollution.

The York Council has had plenty of time to sort out this problem.

City traders, who are likely to suffer most, have a reasonable expectation that facilities, which worked well in the last decade, can be reactivated in June 2018.

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