Mental health awareness week events

City of York Council is showing its support for mental health awareness week by inviting residents to a number of events which hope to provide information on the support that is available in the city.

All are invited to one of three events we are holding where you will be able to speak to staff from 22 The Avenue, who have organised the events, as well as a number of partners across the city and collect information and advice about the services available in York.

  • Monday 14 May,  West Offices (9.30am – 4pm)
  • Wednesday 16 May, Parliament Street (9.30am-4pm)
  • Then on Friday 18 May 30 Clarence St is holding the main event. Activities include a BBQ and cakes, a raffle, a photo booth, mindfulness sessions and crafts and activities. All are welcome and the event runs from 10.30am-4pm.

This year, Mental Health Awareness Week (14 to 20 May 2018) is about stress and how we’re coping with it.

Feeling stressed can be part of everyday life, whether it is work related or about life at home. Being overwhelmed by stress may lead to mental health problems or make existing problems worse.

Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 is a great time to think about how we can all address the causes of work-related stress.

Councillor Carol Runciman, Executive Member for Health and Adult Social Care said: “In York we take mental health very seriously. The awareness week comes after in March, the Health and Wellbeing Board launched its new mental health strategy with a focus on every single resident enjoying the best possible emotional and mental health and wellbeing throughout the course of their life.

“It is so important that we raise awareness of mental health and get people talking about it. We are proud to be supporting mental health awareness week through a range of events across the city and our teams will be on hand to offer advice and signpost to support for anyone who is interested.”

February also saw the launch of York’s time to change hub, lead by York CVS with support and funding from City of York Council, with a focus on getting people talking about mental health and tackling mental health discrimination. Information from the time to change campaign will be available at the upcoming events.

Ian Cartwright, York’s Time to Change Coordinator said: “1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem every year. Almost  half of those people say that the associated isolation and shame can be worse than the condition itself.  At Time to Change we are aware that mental health problems affect people we know. Our attitude towards family or friends that have a mental health condition can affect their lives for good or bad. Remember that Mental health problems can affect anyone.”

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