Inspection report boost for York Hospital

Services at York Hospital ‘most improved’ after recent CQC inspection

York Hospital has seen its service rating upgraded to ‘Good’ after a recent a team of CQC inspectors visited York, Scarborough, and Bridlington Hospitals to check on the quality of core services.

Previously, The York Hospital was adjudged to ‘Require Improvement’ by the CQC and over Winter period, was adversely affected by the Winter crisis. In response, the Liberal Democrats made significant investments in York’s Adult Social Care system, through the 2018/19 Council Budget, to alleviate pressure on The York Hospital and reduce York’s Delayed Transfers of Care.

The York Hospital has now been found to be the most improved hospital in the York Teaching Hospital Trust and more specifically, has improved considerably in responding to the needs of people in York.

The York Teaching Hospital Trust as a whole, still ‘Requires Improvement’ and more work is needed to achieve widespread progress and maintain improvements.  The Liberal Democrats will continue to work and assist The York Hospital, where possible, to ensure quality services are provided to all residents.

Cllr Carol Runciman, Liberal Democrat Executive Member for Adult Social Care, said:

“Over recent months, a significant amount of effort has been made to improve services at The York Hospital and ensure residents receive quality care when they need too.

“I am pleased that this has now been recognised by the CQC and that The York Hospital itself is now operating well.”

“The Liberal Democrats have recognised the detrimental affect of the Winter Crisis on the York Hospital and in turn, have secured over £3 million to invest in Adult Social Care and relieve pressure on the hospital.”

“Of course, there is still work to be done, but it is now recognised that The York Hospital is responsive to the needs of people using their services and it can lead improvement in our region.”


As part of the CQC review into York Teaching Hospital Trust, a team of inspectors visited York, Scarborough, and Bridlington Hospitals to review their core services

York praised for pothole filling by independent cycling group

The York Council is the best in Yorkshire when it comes to filling in potholes. It came 19th in a survey of cyclists who rated the performance of 214 local authorities nationwide.

Not only was York in the top 20, but the Council had responded to the largest number of reports (1362) in the area.

It has filled in 89% of the reported potholes

The Fill that Hole” website – run by Cycling UK – says that “the table ranks highway authorities according to hazards reported through, and shows which authorities are best at fixing their road defects and reporting back to us.

We encourage highway authorities and hazard reporters to let us know when a road defect has been fixed. They can do this by replying to the emails we send them, using the contact form, or registering for an account and requesting to be associated with their authority”.

Hazards can be reported “on line” by clicking this link

Best rated with 100% filled in was Islington in London. Worst was Blaenau Gwent which apparently hasn’t managed to fill in any of the 20 potholes reported in their area.

North Yorkshire was ranked at 82 having added 24% of reports. Leeds at 178 had managed to fill in only 12% of potholes.

When the current icy conditions are over, it is likely that several more potholes will open up.

Hopefully residents, local Councillors and MPs will report any problems promptly.

A map of current hazards can be viewed by clicking here

Map of current pothole hazards in York


92.3 per cent of York pupils get their first choice of secondary school

Secondary school allocations by choice 2018

Today, secondary school admission figures for entry in September 2018 are published. 92.3 per cent of York pupils have got their first preference.

While the percentage of first choice places remains the same as last year, 98 per cent children got one of their first three preferences representing an increase of 0.5 per cent on last year.

The number of online applications for secondary school places has continued to increase and this year, 97 per cent applied online, that’s 0.9 per cent more than in 2017.

Parents who applied online will be notified of their child’s place by email at 10am today, letters are being posted today to parents and those with online accounts can log in to the council’s parent portal at

With more pupils entering secondary schools this year than last year apply for their catchment school and were informed which school this was in writing. Some chose not to follow this advice.

Besides parents being advised by letter, we will be posting advice and timelines offering advice and support throughout these 10 days on social media @School_Services .

Councillor Carol Runciman, executive member for education, children and young people, said: “I’m delighted that so many pupils will be able to attend the secondary school of their choice.

“Here in York, we continue to provide an educational experience that is among the best in the UK and this is a significant reason for families to settle in the city.

“Maintaining our high standards alongside meeting a growing demand for places is an ongoing challenge. It’s one we continue to meet and to which we are committed.”

“I urge any parent whose children may be eligible for free school meals – one of a number of benefits that come with applying for the pupil premium – to apply via their online account at

Bus servics 3. 4 and 9 return to Railway Station route

According to the First website there are changes to the diversion put in place to avoid the Lendal Gyratory roadworks

 From Sat 3rd March

Lendal Gyratory

From Saturday 3rd March, there will be revisions to the diversions for the roadworks on Lendal Gyratory.

This is because the roadworks are moving to the Station Avenue/Leeman Road junction and what was planned to be the most disruptive phase of the roadworks has now finished and did not cause as many issues as anticipated.  However, the gyratory will not be able to cope with all services returning to normal.

Services 3, 4 and 9

  • Will revert to normal running

NB. Apparently 3s and 4s are back to their normal route to serve the Station today (Thursday)

Services 59 and 66

  • Remain on current diversions

These diversions will remain in operation until further notice but may change again as we assess the extent of the disruption.

What’s on in York: Tapestry Weaving: Landscapes and Seascapes

Mar _3tapestryYork Explore Library :

Sat 3 Mar :

10.30am – 3.30pm :


This course is an introduction to the wonderful craft of woven tapestry.  Using landscapes and seascapes for design inspiration, students will learn traditional, simple and basic tapestry weaving techniques to create a small woven tapestry.

Following a brief introduction to weaving, I will show everyone how to put a cotton warp on a frame loom, demonstrate several simple weaving techniques and show how to colour blend wefts with wool yarns.

All materials will be provided and instructions and support given throughout the session.  Please bring along your own image of a landscape or seascape, or you can use the ones provided.  No experience necessary.  Beginners and experienced tapestry weavers are welcome.

To book a place please click here.