What’s on in York: DUSK – A Poetry Reading with Ian Taylor

Jan _13 DUSK Ian Taylor

York Explore Library :

Sat 13 Jan :

2.30pm – 4.00pm :


The author will read poems from his recent collection DUSK

Ian Taylor has been writing about the lost landscapes of the North for over forty years – old earthworks, ruined churches, derelict mineworkings, Neolithic barrows and deserted villages. Bringing together the best of this work in a single volume, Dusk is a book about enclosure, famine and deforestation, about bleak moorlands, sunken roads, nettles and cobwebs. Exploring between the pages of history, superstition, myth and the ‘threadbare cloak of folk tradition’, Taylor listens to the drovers, peat-cutters, ironstone miners, seasonal labourers, landless farmers and tramps in whose ‘hollow voice of loss’ he hears a renegade and still undefeated Albion, like a fox running from the ‘cleanshaven faces and privileged profiles’ of the Hunt, the Green Man still dancing in the trees.

‘Taylor’s is an inventive, controlled, authoritative voice, unafraid of the rare but exact word… contemplative, intelligently and movingly eloquent on behalf of those silent people and places for which he invents voices.’

Peter Conradi

‘I.P. Taylor\’s vision of agricultural man shares with Hughes and Heaney a noble poetic ancestry running from Wordsworth to Hardy to Lawrence, but his poetry is all his own because he has lived through his subjects in mud, words and imagination.’

Cal Clothier

‘Ian Taylor was born in Shipley, West Yorkshire. He has been a forestry operative, a market gardener, a farm worker, a drystone waller and a millhand. Winner of the Stroud Festival international poetry competition and the Poetry Society’s Greenwood Prize, his publications include A Poetry Quintet, The Grip, The Passion, The Hollow Places and Killers. He lives in York.

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One thought on “What’s on in York: DUSK – A Poetry Reading with Ian Taylor

  1. Nick Blair says:

    I happened by chance to meet Ian last night in a pub and haven’t chatted about poetry for years and years.

    And, not knowing what to expect, I really enjoyed the first poem – which is easily found online – would you pass that I think he writes beautifully and considers every word.

    If you have access to him do pass on my comments and my email.

    Some of my favourite lines –

    To sever one stoat
    will summon the pack.


    Swallows twitched from the church tower,
    bellied the shallows.

    I think he writes with consideration and pace and, for a chance meeting, I came out enriched 🙂

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