Low Poppleton Lane traffic restrictions – irregularities

ANPR camera use decision questioned as moped riders cry “foul”

Low Poppleton Lane rising bollards

Residents have complained about lack of consultation about the proposed use of ANPR cameras to enforce bus lane restrictions on Low Poppleton Lane. A decision was made to scrap the current rising bollard enforcement system following problems with reliability. Instead ANPR “spy” cameras will monitor the Low Poppleton Lane/Millfield Lane junction.

A media release from the Council last week claimed that the decision to use cameras had been made by the Executive member at a meeting which took place on 14th September. The media release said, “All traffic other than local bus services and the Manor School mini bus will be prohibited from passing through this restriction

It is clear from the minutes of the Executive Member meeting, that the plans for Low Poppleton Lane – one of many roads assessed for possible bus priority enforcement changes –  would be subject to a further report. This would have allowed residents and road users to raise any issues.

The report said, “It is recommended that further detailed reports are prepared where appropriate to enable the Executive Member to confirm the approach for each location prior to implementation”.

No such report has subsequently been published for the Low Poppleton Lane plan.

It has now emerged that a council official – at a private meeting held a week previously on 8th September – had already agreed to introduce the camera enforcement.

That report can be read by clicking here

Residents do not see these reports in advance of the decision being taken. It can be several weeks before the decision appears on – a very obscure – part of the Council web site.

The report recognises the potentially controversial use of cameras.

It says “It is proposed to implement the enforcement on the following basis:

· 2-week grace period with a letter sent to all drivers who pass through the area during the restriction period notifying them of the changes.

· A further 2 weeks with first offence warning letters indicating that a Penalty Charge Notice would be issued if the vehicle passed through the restriction again.

· Following those periods PCNs would be issued on all vehicles which contravened the TRO”.

Alternative route for moped riders avoiding Low Poppleton Lane.

The report confirms that only buses and the Manor school bus would be exempt from the restrictions. There is no relaxation for taxis or two wheeled transport riders.

There appears to have been no thought given to the safety of moped users. At present moped riders can pass between the raised bollards and use the traffic controlled and hence safe junction at Boroughbridge Road. There is also lightly trafficked route to Poppleton from Millfield Lane  where Manor school is now located.

If mopeds, which can be ridden by 16-year olds and which have a governed maximum speed of 30 mph, are banned from using Low Poppleton Lane, then they will be diverted onto the A1237 by pass.

This is a very busy stretch of road. Right turns at the two roundabouts on the alternative route would be especially hazardous in dark and rainy conditions. An underpass is provided for  pedal cyclists at the A59 roundabout

It seems that in its haste to avoid a public discussion about ANPR camera use, the Council has failed to address a potentially serious safety risk.

The implementation of the camera scheme should be suspended until these fears are resolved.

Low Poppleton Lane ANPR cameras. Officer decision 8th Sept

Low Poppleton Lane ANPR cameras. Councillor decision 14th Sept

4 thoughts on “Low Poppleton Lane traffic restrictions – irregularities

  1. Eric says:

    Just be caught by the Poppleton Lane camera on a visit to Manor Academy – I’m not a native of York nor familiar with this area. Satnav routed me along Millfield Lane through the restricted area – and where were the ‘no entry, buses only’ and/or ‘no access’ signs to warn me off? The blue bus lane signs I assumed to refer forthcoming lanes and cameras as there appeared no other way to reach my destination. Nice little cash cow for the Council!

  2. Garry says:

    The signs should be in red as in no entry for cars ,a blue sign with a bus in that says local buses only ,does not say no cars ,this has been done in such a way to generate income for the council, normal bus lanes are on the left and the other lane you can use ,this just confuses people that have never seen a road such as this , they are getting a lot of money off peoples mistakes,no one would drive down on purpose if you was going to get fined , bloody council ,

  3. Ben Jackson says:

    The problem with the road signs advertising the bus lane, certainly when travelling away from York is that they are all on the right hand side of the road, set within the trees and next to a bus stop.

    They are not that visible until you are right next to the sign but if a double decker bus is parked at the bus stop, you’ll miss it and turn right. Especially as there are no further signs warning of bus lane at traffic lights.

    You also have the same problem with any high sided vehicles travelling towards York on the opposite carriageway blocking the view of the sign.

    The signage for this bus lane is not adequate and the reason for all the mistakes driving down here. Well done council, probably making too much money to put up some decent signage!

    This needs an urgent review!!

  4. Colin Holmes says:

    I agree with all aforementioned complaints, been caught recently, the signs are unclear and are obviously there to raise money off poor unsuspecting drivers, there’s no way I would intentionally drive somewhere like this.
    Leaves a bitter taste in the mouth if you’re a visitor to the city

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