Weather has impact on services in York

High winds have been blamed for he increase in litter seen today. Insecure recycling has been blown around many suburbs with the Council struggling to catch up on their collection schedules post New Year.

Full litter bin on Bellhouse Way

Leaf and tree detritus in gutters on Askham Croft

Litter blown by high winds today in St Stephens Road

Surface water problem at junction of Ashford Place and Ascot Way

Waterlogged verges are being damaged by vehicles

2 thoughts on “Weather has impact on services in York

  1. Malcolm says:

    After refuse wagon went bay on Tuesday Morning towards Cornlands Road there was more rubbish left on the road than was put into the Refuge Wagon.

    Then the council have the cheek to blame residents for leaving rubbish or not cleaning up after ourselves!!

    Maybe CYC should educate their staff better before blaming residents!!

  2. Malcolm says:

    I should also add that if the refuge wagons / workers were not in such a rush to empty bins and did their jobs properly then maybe there wouldn’t be as much rubbish floating around our streets. Also why can’t they put bins back from where they take them instead of half way down the street or outside other peoples properties?

    We as residents leave them outside our own properties yet in most cases they are never returned where we leave them.

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