Ainsty Park footpaths to be resurfaced from 11th December

Talk/Talk ultra high speed cable laying starts on Monday in Foxwood

Paths to be resurfaced in Ainsty Park

The Council plans to resurface footpaths in The Gallops, Stirrup Close, Houndsway and Redcoat Way starting on 11th December. Residents  will receive a letter shortly explaining what access restrictions will be in place and asking that overgrowth be cut back from the public footpath.

This scheme is programmed to take 11 weeks, weather permitting.

The work consists of excavating the current tarmac surfacing and laying two new layers of tarmac. Selected road kerbs are to be replaced and tactile crossing points are to be installed.

The Council will take the  opportunity to offer residents within the area to be reconstructed a discounted extension or new vehicle crossing to be constructed as part of this scheme, at cost.  Anyone wishing to take advantage of this offer should contact the Council, before construction commences. Existing vehicle crossings will be resurfaced with the current dimensions at no cost to residents.

Broadband cables

Separately the Talk/Talk broadband contractors will be moving into the area. This has caused some concern about whether newly resurfaced footpaths may be damaged. We understand that the residents Association and local Councillors are checking this issue.

The cabling work has recently been completed in the Woodthorpe area with minor inconvenience to residents.

We doubt that many residential users really need ultra high speed broadband but heavy users of UHD TV may want to check out the Talk/Talk web site click. 

The area already has access to high speed cable links provided by Virgin.

Councillors hand in New Earswick Pool Petition to Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust

The petition against the closure of New Earswick Pool was presented to the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust (JRHT) this morning, at the Garth, with over 1,400 signatures.

Local Liberal Democrat Councillors in Huntington & New Earswick ward are calling on the JRHT to properly consult on its proposals to close the pool. York Liberal Democrats are concerned that the value of this facility to the community is not being considered and that the decision to close goes against JRHTs stated social values.

The petition has received excellent support since being launched in October and has reached over a 1,400 signatures, including that of former Olympic swimmer, Adrian Moorhouse.

Cllr Keith Orrell added:

“Immediately after the Trust announced their intention to close the pool, we wrote to New Earswick residents asking them to sign our petition. Furthermore, we also put the petition online and people from across the city have now signed. The response has been amazing. We would urge anyone who has not signed our petition yet to do so.  We need to show the Trusts how strongly people feel about the pool.”

Cllr Carol Runciman said:

“We appreciate that housing associations are facing budgetary pressures, forced on them by the Government, but we would urge the Trust to work with users and local people to explore ways of maintaining this facility.  The petition we have handed in today represents local peoples desire to keep the pool and the JHRT should work with residents to this end.”

Cllr Chris Cullwick said:

“We fully support all the users of the pool who have come together in their determination to keep the pool open. We will support them where we can in order to help them achieve

Citywide review of green and recreation space provision

At last nights the City of York’s Executive call-in meeting regarding the sale of Willow Lodge, the Liberal Democrats called for a review of green and recreational space provision across York.

It was announced during the call-in, that the highest bidder for the sale of Willow Lodge had reduced their offer for the purchase of the land. The decision will need to come back to the Executive for a future report, after assessment of the commercial bids.  This report would itself be subject to the same possibilities of a call-in.

In a separate vote, Liberal Democrats Councillors called on Council Officers to undertake a review of green and recreational space, when considering future decision on developing Council land.

Cllr Andrew Waller added:

“There is a growing interest in public open space, whether it is playing fields or small recreational sites, which provide a break in the urban development of York.  All residents in York should feel that they are being considered when decisions are taken on developing Council land.