Repair works to Parliament Street ahead of festive season

City of York Council is carrying out essential repair works to Parliament Street this Sunday (12 November) ahead of the busy festive season.

All shops and businesses will be open as usual while the work takes place from Pavement down to Shambles Market.

The council is acting to remove the growing risk of slips and trips by temporarily replacing 300 square metres of flagstones with tarmac, before relaying the flagstones early next year.

Laying the temporary tarmac surface now, and delaying the more disruptive and lengthier flag relaying work, means the area can be safe and welcoming to the large number of city-centre visitors over the festive season

One thought on “Repair works to Parliament Street ahead of festive season

  1. Diane Craven says:

    It is unsightly amd I hope it will be replaced with paving stones as soon as possible. Tarmac is bei g used regularly across the city in lieu of proper paving replacement and it is not always replaced. Tarmac is destroying York’s city landscape and degrades the locality.

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