York Mansion House work “almost finished” claim Council

As we revealed last week, the restoration of York’s Mansion House is running several months behind schedule. Now the Council has issued a statement saying that it will reopen soon.

We doubt if this will be much before the end of the year.

There has been no explanation for the additional delay (the original timetable – which would have  seen the building finished last year – had to be abandoned when the building contractor went into administration).

The Council statement says, “Moving trucks have arrived, large mahogany tables and priceless silver are being steadily hoisted in and dusted off and George Hudson is looking out from his rightful place in the stairwell.

York Mansion House’s restoration is coming to the final stages as the facade and freshly gilded crest is teasingly revealed with each piece of scaffolding removed and the state room is returned to its former glory.

The kitchen has come together to create something wholly new and old as it recreates a classic Georgian kitchen, with peeking windows into the original flooring and a fantastic interactive display. 

Cllr. Keith Orrell, interim executive member for economic development and community engagement, said: “It is great to see the final touches being added to York Mansion House and to see the furniture and collections returned home.

“The restoration of York Mansion House has been a tremendous undertaking and thanks to a very dedicated and skilled staff the Mansion House will be a historical gem in York’s urban landscape.”

York Mansion House has officially commenced a return to grandeur as it embraces the antique furniture, silver and portraiture. The team is hard at work preparing displays that will engage visitors in a new and unique way.

Richard Pollitt, York Mansion House curator, said: “It is a pleasure to start putting this beautiful house back together again.

“With displays starting to take shape and events being planned, York Mansion House is truly becoming a unique space for people to experience in York.

“We are very excited for the future of York Mansion House and to reveal it to the public in all its grandeur.”

The Opening Doors Restoration project for York Mansion House was made possible by National Lottery players through a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, funding from City of York Council and a variety of grants and generous donations totalling £2.6 million. The project improves the visitor experience by beautifully restoring this gem of York’s architectural history, allowing more people than ever to enjoy it.

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