Disappointing response to road safety concerns in west York

The Council will consider many requests for road safety improvements at a meeting taking place on 14th September.

In the Westfield area, 7 requests for changes to parking restrictions have been made by residents.

Only 2 are recommended for approval. They involve providing double yellow lines to protect the entrance to Lown Hill while double yellow lines on part of Beaconsfield Street will be removed.

Locations where officials are suggesting that no action be taken are;

Foxwood Lane/Bellhouse Way junction

  • Foxwood Lane/Bellhouse way junction (on street car parking causing sight line problems)
  • Cranfield Place (where parking is obstructing access to driveways)
  • Askham Lane/Vesper Drive (parking on verge causing sight line problems and verge damage – all properties in the area have off street parking space)
  • Morrell Court/Walker Drive (parking causing safety problems)

We think that the Council, needs to find a way of addressing some of these issues.

On Cranfield Place, there is Adequate off-street parking available to the rear of the Community centre

At the Foxwood Lane/Bellhouse Way junction there is room on the verge to provide a parking layby. This would take parked vehicles back from the junction.

Residents can attend the meeting and make representations in favour of, or in opposition to, any proposal.

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