Road repairs and better parking top priority for residents living near Hob Moor

Residents responding to a survey in the Kingsway West/Windsor Garth/Hamilton Drive area have identified their priorities for public service improvements.

The survey is the latest of a  series being conducted by Councillors representing the Westfield ward on the City of York Council

212 residents have so far completed and returned  the questionnaires 

Generally the results suggest that most residents are at least satisfied with the quality of most public services in the area

However Councillors are now seeking improvements to road repairs, car parking and overgrown trees/bushes in the neighbourhood.

Further details can be downloaded from

Other findings included:

  • · Parking Facilities in the Windsor Garth, Kingsway and (part of) the Gale Lane estate are inadequate. Tenants wanted help with dropped kerbs and verge cross-overs. There was strong support for the use of the grassed area at the Danesfort Avenue/Middleton Road flats for off street parking. Many people wanted to see the bend on Windsor Garth remodelled.
  • · Road repairs: The biggest complaint was about carriageway maintenance on the Kingsway/Windsor Garth area. The roads generally, and speed tables (e.g. outside 7-12 Windsor Garth), have been damaged by heavy vehicles accessing the building site at Hob Stones, although the developer did fund some remedial work. Repairs are also needed at the Queenwood Gv/Hamilton Dv junction and in Kingsthorpe
  • · Tree loping There has been little tree and bush maintenance on public areas particularly in the Kingsway area (e.g. rear of 80 -120 Stuart Road, back 49 Middleton Rd) and Kingsthorpe.
  • · Fly tipping/litter Respondents identified several locations where fly tipping was a problem (e.g. garage areas). Virtually everyone wanted to see the return of the skip service (stopped in April) Litter is sometimes a problem near the Hamilton Dv shops
  • · Dog fouling This is a problem on some streets. There was a request for an additional combined litter/poop scoop bin in the Ashford Place area and near Hob Moor school.
  • · Lincoln Court, Ascot Way Residents had a list of improvements that they want to see including, hedges being trimmed, gutters cleaned, weed killer applied to the car park, a more reliable recycling bin emptying service, car park sweeping and action to give residents and visitors priority access to parking spaces.
  • · Buses The bus service to Windsor Garth is regarded as a life line by many. Some would like to see a more frequent service. Similar sentiments were expressed regarding the Hamilton Drive service (16/44) the operator of which has changed recently. The staff of the new service were, however, praised by some users. Residents would like the number 4 service to be two way on Tudor Road
  • · Play areas There is still some concern about the lack of a playground on the KIngsway side of Gale Lane.  Residents wanted better use made of – and publicity for – the MUGA on Kingsway West
  • · Weeds: Criticised in several areas including Kingsthorpe
  • · Garage areas Poor maintenance by the Council of the little Green Lane garage area. Needs an uplift. Undergrowth needs to be cut back from other garage areas in Windsor Garth




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