So how much does the York Council expect to raise from Coppergate camera fines?

The York Council has published a list of contraventions of it’s revised ANPR camera enforced access restrictions on Coppergate.

To date, 82 Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) have been issued.

Some drivers have received warning letters for “first offences”

Potentially the PCNs might bring in around £35,000 in a full year – less if fines are paid promptly or appeals are successful.

However, we are only just entering the tourist season and we know from the Lendal Bridge debacle that many visitors to the City are vulnerable to these byzantine access regulations. York’s international reputation is once more on the line.

It seems unlikely that the Council will reach its budgeted income figure of £100,000 – unless of course it intends to roll out ANPR camera enforcement to other streets.

Administration costs for spy camera enforcement systems are high so it may be the taxpayer who eventually faces a hit.

One thought on “So how much does the York Council expect to raise from Coppergate camera fines?

  1. Ajay Kothapalli says:

    Hi Steve,

    I am a York resident and have lived here for the past 6 years. I received a charge certificate for the Coppergate bus lane restriction for £90 over the weekend. The letter states the York Council had sent me a previous notice with “discounted” fine of £60 which I never received… The signs are not very clear and especially in the dark it is hard to notice…! I think this is just ridiculous – it is lot of hard earned money! Someone with authority and a bit of common sense needs to look into this further and do justice! I am only a small man but refuse to be exploited by people sat in fancy offices who have no consideration for normal people…! This is just not right… they tried doing the same thing at Lendal bridge and now here – what’s wrong with these people? Everyone are aware that the York council is in huge debt but that does not mean they can start robbing people…!

    Please could you help?


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