Fossgate sign gets planning permission

Proposed metal banner

Councillors decided last night by 7 votes to 3 to approve plans to install a high level sign at the entrance to Fossgate.

The application had attracted no objections and in the end only three Labour Councillors opposed the plan.

Both Liberal Democrat representatives on the planning sub committee committee (Sue Hunter and Keith Orrell) spoke in support of the proposal

Conservation officers had opposed the sign saying it might create a precedent for other streets in the City. However the Civic Trust plan attracted support from local traders and the Merchant Adventurers Company as well as residents

The gateway sign is expected to be installed before the end of the year.

So how much does the York Council expect to raise from Coppergate camera fines?

The York Council has published a list of contraventions of it’s revised ANPR camera enforced access restrictions on Coppergate.

To date, 82 Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) have been issued.

Some drivers have received warning letters for “first offences”

Potentially the PCNs might bring in around £35,000 in a full year – less if fines are paid promptly or appeals are successful.

However, we are only just entering the tourist season and we know from the Lendal Bridge debacle that many visitors to the City are vulnerable to these byzantine access regulations. York’s international reputation is once more on the line.

It seems unlikely that the Council will reach its budgeted income figure of £100,000 – unless of course it intends to roll out ANPR camera enforcement to other streets.

Administration costs for spy camera enforcement systems are high so it may be the taxpayer who eventually faces a hit.