Council set to put road humps on Thanet Road

The York Council announced last year they they were considering putting a chicane on Thanet Road.  The scheme was apparently aimed at reducing the number of pedestrian causalities near the Lidl supermarket and presumed that vehicle speeds were to blame for the problem.

Residents reacted strongly against the scheme claiming that a chicane would simply add to the congestion problems in the area

Now the Council have published a new plan which would see road humps installed in the area and a 20 mph speed limit imposed.

The road forms part of an important bus route which are normally excluded for 20 mph zones.

We think that much of the problem could be tackled by channeling pedestrians to an optimum location at which to cross the road. This might be done by using guard rails plus the installation of a pedestrian refuge.

We doubt that the new scheme represents value for money

Thanet Road proposed road humps Feb 2017

Thanet Road proposed road humps Feb 2017

2 thoughts on “Council set to put road humps on Thanet Road

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  2. Kieran Jones says:

    This new 20mph limit is pointless and without justification, I don’t see the accident rate is that high in this location and I don’t see any rational behind speed being the cause for what few accidents there are. I don’t think this plan is well thought out at all and fail to see any benefits other than impeding traffic flow that is already a problem in that location. Furthermore the introduction of yet more speed bumps is inevitable which will make it yet more harder for those in adapted disability vehicles to travel around the city, already in York and particular Acomb the council has gone out of its way to discriminate and prevent travel with an excess of speed humps.

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