So they’re really going to do this to Cliffords Tower!


Council officials are recommending that the controversial new visitor centre at Clifford’s Tower should get the “go ahead”

Clifford Tower Georgian Society quoteIn a report to next weeks planning  committee, they propose to overrule the views of just about every major conservation group in the City.

Those objecting to the English Heritage plan include:


Guildhall planning panelIn the main the objections refer to the loss of a unique view of the City although some criticise the architectural approach. Several say any visitor centre should form part of an holistic approach incorporating improvements to the adjacent car park.

The repairs and improvements planned for the Tower itself have generally been welcomed.


The proposed visitor centre has been criticised as intrusive and out of scale



5 thoughts on “So they’re really going to do this to Cliffords Tower!

  1. Duncan North says:

    Could not agree more with the comments this should not go ahead what are they thinking of.

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  4. J.Howell says:

    Some one is looking to make a buck (pound) out of this monstrosity. It looks horrible, detracts 100% from the antiquity of Clifford’s Tower and surrounding area and should be stopped and never allowed to be built either at Clifford’s Tower or anywhere else! You can bet the only reason the person or people responsible for this madness are just looking to make money off the project. They don’t give a rat’s behind about how it looks or that it shouldn’t be there at all.

  5. Cllr Johnny Hayes says:

    I have just picked this up several months on. I agree with the above comments. I am hopeful that the Clifford’s Tower Campaign to stop this visitor centre will get leave to appeal against the JR verdict. I believe that this decision was again flawed. Our legal team think that our chances of winning at appeal are very good.
    The Castle Gateway report creates a new series of options that are so much better than this dreadful carbuncle. This is the wrong building in the e wrong place and I hope that English Heritage will have the good sense to consider building the right building in the right place.

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