Business rate valuations mostly up in Acomb

Community centre faces 50% hike in Rates

Sanderson House faces rates hike

Sanderson House faces rates hike

Further detail has emerged of the new Business Rates that will be payable in Acomb and elsewhere in the City.

Generally, valuations have increased by around 10% although there are very wide variations.

This means that most shopkeepers in the area will pay more than they currently do when the valuations are introduced next year.

Examples of valuations – which can be found on the government web site by clicking here – are shown in the table below.

Business rates in Acomb

The figures quoted do not indicate the actual amount which is paid. A multiplier – which changes each year – is applied get the actual amount to be paid.

Still there are some shockers on the list not least the huge hikes in rates for the Community Centres in Chapelfields (+50%) and Foxwood (+17%). Charities do get relief on their rate payments but the changes are difficult to understand against a background where some businesses, like Ladbrokes bookmakers, will enjoy reductions of around 7%.

Elsewhere Liberal Democrat Councillor Sue Hunter has backed the idea of a new investment scheme for Front Street and called on the council “to give Acomb the support it deserves”.

A recommendation for a “wider renewal and reinvigoration scheme” was agreed by York’s Executive Member for Transport & Planning at a meeting yesterday in response to petitions presented by Lib Dem councillors in Acomb and Foxwood.

Over the summer, Cllr Sue Hunter organised a petition signed by over 800 residents calling for action to fix pavements in Front Street to help those who use wheelchairs and mobility scooters, and support the local shopping area. Meanwhile, Cllr Sheena Jackson organised a petition calling for improvements to the pavements around Foxwood Shops.

In response to the petitions, it was agreed that standard repairs will continue and that further work is carried out to appraise the possibilities for a wider renewal and reinvigoration scheme for both locations and a report prepared for the Executive Member for Economic Development and Community Engagement.

Sue Hunter

Sue Hunter

Cllr Sue Hunter (pictured), Liberal Democrat Councillor for Westfield, speaking at yesterday’s meeting said:

“In March, I launched my petition to improve the condition of the footpaths on Front Street. This followed concerns raised by local residents and business owners. The response over the spring was tremendous – with more than 800 local residents backing my campaign. I think this shows how big an issue it is, and how important it is to get something done.

“The response also reveals how much local residents and businesses care about Front Street. People want Acomb to succeed. They want to have a thriving local shopping area that is the hub of the local community. This was the driving force behind the Acomb Alive! traders’ group we set up in 2012; to get Acomb buzzing again and to rebuild the community life that Acomb village once had.

“Improving the paths is part of this wider campaign. If we want people to shop locally, then we need to ensure the infrastructure and public space is safe, accessible and attractive. This – along with good local businesses – will encourage people to stay in Acomb rather than get the bus into town.

“I want to thank officers for their work on this report, and I urge the Executive Member to support their recommendations. We should investigate fixing the paths as part of a wider economic improvement scheme for Front Street and Acomb. We also need to work with local traders on this.

“There is so much good work going already in Acomb. Agreeing this recommendation would show the council is willing to back this work and give Acomb the support it deserves.”

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