Coppergate spy cameras set to return

anpr cameraThe York Council have issued a statement saying that their Executive will be asked to approve an amended Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for Coppergate at a meeting on 13 October “in a bid to help reduce congestion in the area and improve York’s bus services”.

There is no congestion in the Coppergate area for most of the day and the York Council refuses to publish bus reliability information – so there is no way of knowing how it might be affected by any “congestion”

The council’s Executive gave approval in June to advertise a TRO to provide bus priority in Coppergate that could be enforced using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) equipment. The aim of the TRO is to help improve York’s bus services by reducing congestion in the Coppergate area.

Due to the prominent location of Coppergate it was decided to advertise the TRO for six weeks rather than the statutory three week period. Eleven representations were made during this period with the finalised TRO taking into account comments received from the emergency services to help them better serve the community.

The draft Traffic Regulation Order provides the details of the restrictions to be in place every day from 8am and 6pm.

In summary within the 8am to 6pm period the restrictions for motor vehicles will be:

· 8am to 10am buses, taxis and private hire vehicles only

· 10am to 4pm buses, taxis, private hire vehicles and loading only

· 4pm to 6pm buses, taxis and private hire vehicles only

If the amended TRO is approved Executive will also be asked to approve enhanced signage to alert motorists of the TRO ahead of and during implementation. Options for the increased warning signs include

· temporary advance warning notices at 28 locations across the city

· permanent advance warning signs at five locations

· carriageway surfacing and markings at either end of Coppergate

Alongside this there will also be a grace period where drivers will be sent a warning letter during the first two weeks of the scheme. After this a first offence warning letter will be issued to motorists for the following six month period.

If Executive approve the recommendations it is proposed that the scheme will be in place from early  2017.

Executive takes place on Thursday 13 October from 5.30pm and is open to members of the public

Click to read the report.

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