New traffic restrictions set for Coppergate – a chance to object as spy cameras set to return to York.

Little sign of traffic congestion on Coppergate!

Little sign of traffic congestion on Coppergate!

Traffic restrictions are set to be reintroduced on one of York’s key public transport routes.

A new Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to create a bus lane for Coppergate will be advertised this week allowing people to see the technical traffic regulations for the new restrictions. The TRO is a statutory public notice which allows people to comment on the technical Order.

New restrictions – enforced by spy cameras – were introduced in 2013 by the then Labour controlled Council – prompting 2 years of controversy and, eventually, leading to a climb down by the Local Authority when it was told it had acted unlawfully.

Traffic restrictions have been in place on Coppergate since the 1960s. The council’s Executive has approved the reintroduction of automatic number plate recognition cameras (ANPR) to enforce the restrictions.

The draft Traffic Regulation Order provides the details of the restrictions to be in place every day from 8am and 6pm.

Within the 8am to 6pm period the restrictions for motor vehicles will be:

  • · 8am to 10am buses, taxis and private hire vehicles only
  • · 10am to 4pm buses, taxis, private hire vehicles and loading only
  • · 4pm to 6pm buses, taxis and private hire vehicles only

Due to the prominent location of Coppergate the formal legal consultation has been extended from the required three weeks to a six week period. The formal legal notice will be printed in local media, displayed on notices in the Coppergate area and sent to all properties on Coppergate. Anyone wishing to view the draft order and statement of reasons can do so at the council’s West Offices or online at

Following consideration of any representations received to the new proposal Members will confirm the making of the Order. The enforcement of the restriction by camera will then begin once all the measures are in place and the formal legal process is completed.

The reinstatement of the revised Traffic Restriction Order (TRO) was agreed by City of York Council’s Executive on Thursday 30 June. The scheme is fully compliant with the new 2016 Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions that came into force in April 2016.

Executive Member for Transport and Planning, Cllr Ian Gillies, said: “Traffic restrictions have been in place on Coppergate since the 1960s, but only enforced infrequently. The reintroduction of the restriction along with clearer and more robust signage will hopefully help to reduce congestion in the area. This will hopefully in turn help the city’s bus services to run more efficiently.”

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