Bid to stop sell off of Grove House

Wheldrake Guide centre move
Grove House, Penleys Grove Street

Grove House, Penleys Grove Street

We reported in April that the former elderly person’s home at Grove House was being sold by the Council. The building has been empty for some time.

No sale has gone through and now a bid is being made to list the buildings under the Community Right to Bid legislation. The move follows a similar initiative last month involving a number of pubs and other properties (which were subsequently added to the list).

The request will be considered at a meeting taking place on 15th August. Any listing would mean that residents would have 6 months in which to raise the asking price for the site.

White Rose House, Wheldrake

White Rose House, Wheldrake

In this case – as it is in a prime residential area – the price may match the £3 million recently paid for another Council home at Oliver House

A community group has also expressed an interest in bidding for White Rose House in Wheldrake which is currently used as a Girl Guiding centre.

4 thoughts on “Bid to stop sell off of Grove House

  1. Adrianne Harker says:

    This is very misleading about White Rose House. No one has made any offer to purchase or change the use of the building. Simply to have it listed as an asset of community value..

    • The Localism Act allows communities can ask the council to list certain assets as being of value to the community. If an asset is listed and then comes up for sale, the new right will give communities that want it six months to put together a bid to buy it. This gives communities an increased chance to save much loved shops, pubs or other local facilities.

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