What’s on in York: An Evening of Storytelling with Giles Abbott

Explore York Library : Wed 22 Jun : 6.00pm – 7.30pm : Tickets cost £7 (£6 with a York Card)

Jun 22_Giles By Mishko PapicStorytelling is not just for children. Come grab a seat and hear a magical folktale retold by the wonderfully talented Giles Abbott.

Irish mythology tells that there are more world’s than this one, and that other, magical worlds exist alongside our own, so close, but just out of reach. So is it that we dream and then wake to life, or is our life the dream from which we one day waken?

Mongan could tell you.

Mongan’s Frenzy tells the story of a man who belongs to many worlds. Born here, schooled by the gods, he completes his learning here, his lessons taught in the only way this world can teach. His story is magical, funny, exhilarating, saddening, enraging and sometimes just downright silly!

For more information about Giles please visit gilesabbott.com.

Tickets can be bought online at www.feelinginspired.co.uk or at any York library.

There are a maximum of 50 tickets. For more information please call  York Explore Library on (01904) 552828 (answerphone) or york@exploreyork.org.uk.


  • Also on Wednesday morning 9am to 12 noon Giles will be giving a masterclass on how to train your voice. Come and join in this fun, invigorating and energising workshop!


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