Most vehicle information signs in York not working

VMSA report published today reveals that most of the variable message signs (VMS) in York are no longer working. 

There are a total of 46 signs in the City with 20 located on the Outer Ring Road, 6 on the approaches to the inner ring road plus 21 which indicate car park space availability.

The signs were installed between 1998 and 2003 but have fallen into disuse partly because some of the electrical components are now obsolete.

The Council was criticised in 2013 for allowing the signs to deteriorate and for discontinuing its “on line” car parking space availability monitor.

A meeting taking place next week will consider how to modernise the signs using LED technology.

The cost of £6000 each, means that a total budget of £275,000 would be needed to refurbish all signs. Only £90,000 is available, although it would be possible to reallocate funds from other projects – such as the plan to continue to provide free bus travel for teenagers (replacing it with a half price fare offer) – to get the signs back into service sooner

The current plan is for the car park space availability signs to be renewed over a period of 3 years.

Information signs on the northern by-pass will be “mothballed”. They may be reactivated as and when the A1237 is dualled. Officials claim that satellite technology systems now provide better and more up to date information (although not generally on car parking space availability or “off route” blockages)

NB. The same meeting will consider an objection to a plan to change parking restrictions in Burdyke Avenue

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  1. […] Street signs, which indicated the number of vacant  spaces available, have also now disappeared, meaning tourists will add to congestion as they tour the City looking for spaces. […]

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