Cornlands Park entrance to be gated as process to close Bachelor Hill snickets is considered

One of the entrances to the Cornlands Road park is recommended for closure in a report to be presented to a meeting next week (see plan).

Cornlands park gate Nov 2015There have been few objections to the plan which will use new Public Space Protection Order legislation. The legislation allows access to be restricted to areas which have a poor crime record.

Last year the Cornlands Park was the centre of increased anti-social behaviour in the area and Police hope that restricting the number of access points to the park will make enforcement easier.

Many residents though would like to see the whole of the park secured after dark.

Bachelor Hill

The same meeting will consider a petition presented by local Councillor Sue Hunter to the last Council meeting.

It requesting the alleyways between 30-38 Gale Lane,1-9 Bachelor Hill and to the rear of 11-15 Bachelor Hill be gated for reasons of security.

Back snicket closures Bachelor Hill

A report by officials to the meeting claims that there have been no reports of anti-social behaviour in the area during the last 12 months and that therefore the Public Space Protection Order legislation cannot be invoked in this case.

Not with standing recent statistics, over the years’ rowdy behaviour has been a recurrent issue in the area.

The snickets concerned are not short cuts. They are only used – legitimately – to access the rear of the terraced properties.

The Council should agree to consult with residents about the options for installing lockable gates

The snickets, which are both on Council Housing Department owned land, could still be closed but funding would be needed from either the estate improvement budget or the Ward committee.

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