Low profile public opinion survey by York Council on “public engagement”

We doubt that many residents  will know that they can complete an “on line” survey giving their views on the Councils web site and any difficulties that they may be having in communicating with the Council.

web site problem1 (1)

Given the controversy about the Council’s web based issue reporting systems – still not back to the standard achieved 10 years ago – it may be that the York Council would prefer not to have any responses. 

If you can find you way round the byzantine structure of the Councils new web site you may eventually find the following

Improving Public Engagement

Our Corporate and Scrutiny Management Committee is reviewing the potential for improving public engagement, the take up of services through digital means and our ability to respond.  We welcome your views and experiences of engaging with us via our Improving Public Engagement survey.

Consultation closes 31 December 2015

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