What’s on: Coffeehouse, debate, discussion, controversy and coffee.

Wed 4 Nov : 6.30pm – 7.30pm York Explore Library

Oct -Dec _CoffeehouseCoffeehouse : Debate, Discussion, Controversy, Coffee: Read All About It: Political journals, scandal sheets and the beginnings of journalism

This autumn’s talks take their inspiration from the 18th century origins of the Coffeehouse and look at the history of everyday things and the way this can inform our ideas and attitudes.

The autumn series is facilitated by Dr Kaley Kramer of York St John  University.

Suggested donation £3.50 or £2.50 with a York Card (includes a hot drink from York Explore’s Cafe)

Please book via www.feelinginspired.co.uk or in person at any Explore Library Adults 16+

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