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Coppergate spy cameras to be switched back on?
Coppergate - Time to move on

Coppergate – Time to move on

Council officials are recommending that Number Plate Recognition cameras, used to enforce access restrictions on Coppergate, be switched back on.

They will not do so though “until signage has been improved”.

Consultation is also promised.

The Council was forced to offer refunds to thousands of motorists, fined using camera evidence. when an independent inspector ruled that the signs indicating the restriction were inadequate.

The restriction hours were changed to coincide with the introduction of the ANPR camera enforcement system.

An extra hours enforcement was added at the end of each day (and Sundays were included in the restricted hours).

While the original restricted hours (8:00am – 6:00pm) had been in force for many years, it was the extension to the hours which caused confusion.anpr camera

We think that the Council would be wise to revert to the original restrictions (but including Sundays) and to rely on conventional means of enforcement.

The spy camera fiasco has left a bad taste in many mouths and reintroducing a failed system would further damage the Council’s reputation.

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