Syrian Refugees and York

I’ve had quite a lot of feedback on the article which appeared on Saturday (and which was later partly reproduced by The Press).

Most of the feedback has been positive with one resident offering to accommodate a refugee in her spare room!  We are fortunate to live in a free society where we are able to choose how we use our homes.

Several major church and educational establishments have said that they support the City accepting, accommodating and supporting a quota of Syrian refugees

Some reaction has been less positive and ill informed. So for the record:

  • The current housing waiting list in York is 1546
  • Each year around 700 vacancies occur in Council or Housing Association properties and are let to those registered on the waiting list.

A campaign is growing that the City should do its bit to ease the humanitarian crisis caused by the conflict in Syria.

It is hoped that politicians (of all parties), churches, schools, Universities, business leaders, voluntary groups and individuals will sign a declaration urging the government to accept a quota of refugees and indicating that the City of York would be prepared to find accommodation for its share of those allowed into the country.

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